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In order to receive ABA therapy services, the individual must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you are looking to get your child evaluated, we can assist with this process of securing an appointment as we have partnerships with agencies that offer ASD evaluations with shorted waitlist.

1. Consult

If you are looking for ABA therapy, Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy, the first step is receiving a free consultation with one of our intake specialist to determine if we are a good fit of services for your loved one.

2. Benefits Check

Once that has been determined, our intake team will run an insurance eligibility check to provide you with a clear idea of what’s covered, co-pays, etc.

3. Intake & Assessment

Once benefits have been confirmed, one of our amazing Supervisors will reach out to schedule your intake and initial assessment appointment. This is where you and the Supervisor will plan for your child’s success within therapy.

4. Start Services

As soon as the treatment plan is approved by your insurance provider, direct services may begin with your corresponding specialist.

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Los servicios de interpretación están disponibles para nuestros clientes y familias con barreras idiomáticas y dificultades auditivas. Notifique a un miembro del personal para que podamos ayudarlo.